Support for students and families

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Personalised Transition Planning

We work with children, young adults and their families to build an Individual Transition Plan that focuses on needs, abilities, and aspirations for the future.


Assessment of strengths and challenges

We do this by assessing current strengths and challenges, and identifying actions that will help the young person to achieve their goals.

We provide guidance to ensure there is continual progress towards success.


Building skills

We engage in activities that help students to become self-aware and self-determined, explore technologies and study skills, develop coping strategies, and make good choices for life after school.


Managing transition

We provide mentoring, guidance, and resources to assist with course and career choice, college application, managing new environments, and arranging supports in college or the workplace.

Primary School

We work with children and parents to plan the transition from primary to secondary school, focusing on needs, strengths, and challenges, and communicating these in an Individual Transition Plan.

We build confidence and develop resilience and coping strategies, using our Ready Steady Go! Workbook.

Secondary School

We support students in the development of self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy, and to make good choices for the future.

We provide students and parents with expertise, resources, advice, and information that is essential for a successful transition in our workbook, Planning Transitions for Young People with Special Needs and Disabilities.

College and Employment

We assist students with managing the first year of college or employment, guiding the development of occupational skills such as time management, organisation, and communication.

We have been using MyUniPlan with students and parents in 4th and 5th year. It is so useful to have a concrete resource to focus thinking on skills and activities, and to monitor progress. It has been particularly useful during Transition Year.

— SEN Co-ordinator, Community School

A million thanks, this is just what I have been looking for. I cannot put into words the relief that finally I am getting somewhere regarding planning his education going forward. We have been working on the sheets. This book is an incredibly helpful tool for parents and I think it would be a great resource for teachers as well.

— Parent

We are a family support group for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Alison has provided a number of evening workshops and seminars to our parents, including sessions on planning the transition from primary to secondary school, and from school to college or work. She has also provided great advice about the DARE scheme.

— Support Group

We met Dr. Doyle for a consultation about our son's transition to secondary school. Her experience and knowledge really helped to give us perspective on what is important and how we and the primary school can start to prepare him for the transition. She was also that rare quality in a professional - a good listener. She paid attention to our descriptions of our son and his challenges and responded with real, practical advice aimed at good long-term outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend her practice and we will certainly be returning for more advice at key life stages over the coming years.

— Parent